Leadership Institute-AZ K 12 Center

I am at the wonderful Westword Look at a leadership conference.  Teacher leaders from around the state are here to discuss professional development and teacher leadership.  

Here is a question:  What is the purpose of professional development?

  • Increase student achievement
  • expand thinking
  • expand your practice
Assumptions about professional development and teacher leadership:
  • Improved teaching practice improves student achievement
  • professional development based on context specific data has the greatest chance of making an impact.
  • teacher leaders at the site and district levels can build professional learning communities to increase student achievement. 
The black box theory.
input/output.  Go to the workshop, your students achieve.
What is in your black box?   Write down 2 or 3 assumptions. 
Curriculum Development, professional development, and non-academic factors lead to student achievement.
Begin with assumptions before you plan your professional development.  Don’t just plan PD without thinking through the assumptions.
Make it a glass box…
Professional development   
  • coaching
  • institutional resources
  • implementation
  • mentoring
  • student assessment
Equals-Student Achievement
So–Goal for this week:  
  • Teachers participate in collaborative learning experiences.
  • Teachers implement new learning in thier instruction
  • Then student performance will increase.
THen how do we evaluate our success?

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