Who’s ready to try creating a podcast?

A “podcast” is an audio production about a topic or a range of topics.  It is very easy to complete, and so much fun! 

It is such an engaging activity for the students to do, and so rewarding!  You can do a podcast on one topic, like “Book Talks,” or a podcast on “Classroom News,” with a variety of topics to be discussed.  When you are ready, let me know and I can support you with what ever you need.  It’s a BLAST!

Check out iTunes, under the category of Podcasts, and see what you can find. 

 Happy Listening!


One comment

  1. Just downloaded iTunes to home computer and had trouble finding the screen that we were inserviced on. Clicked Podcasts but it took me somewhere else. Eventually found it…I know there is a short cut somewhere. Am ready to go…have downloaded “Coffee Break Spanish” to try to learn some Spanish before my son’s wedding June 2. Also figured out that if you find a podcast outside of iTunes index, you can right-click, save to desktop and then drag it to your iTune files. Discovered how to make a folder to put topics in and am searching for podcasts for students bout librarianship/skills
    Fun…see everyone tomorrow at the workshop…Bring on “podding!”

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