WOW Conference-May 2 Keynote Dr. Howie DiBlasi

May 2, 2009

This keynote is about google, and titled:  Super Amazing Google Search Tricks

I am attempting to live blog this, but I am rusty.  



  • whos linked to that site


  • find out what sites are related to the site


  • Youll get the definition


  • restricts a search so that all the keywords must appear in the title.




Use the Advanced Search in Google–using series of words.  Using quoates, get something specific.


PDFs, PPTs, DOC, type:  exmple:  21st century learning filetype:pdf

Scholarly searches:  filetypes:pdf site:edu

The tilda:   ~   means an educational webpage.


<Here he is talking about lots of different types of searches.>

Have you checked the : “more” button on the front of the google Site?  

There is even an “even more” button.  

He talks about 80 things you can do with Google.  

Talking about the Google Apps Education edition.  Talks about the power of collaboration and this groups.

howie@frontier.net–share your story with him.

He is talking about blogs in the classroom.  <I want our teachers to send him our blog and podcasting pages to him to see what we are doing!>  

He will share his presentation that has links etc.  Talking about doing blog searches.  search using the two letter coutry codes to see multiple perspectives of a topic.

So many things in Google, that are tools FREE available.  I believe this is building everyday!

How do we unblock things in our schools?  communicate and collaborate together to decide what you need, what projects you will be doing, and what sites you need to be unlocked. 

Search engions have “bots” that go out to your sites.

Directories have categories.  this may be easier.

sketchup. gooogle.com/download.  This is a free tool.  It is a fun tool.

Google Language Tools:  less than good.

Google Groups–you can form your own groups.  

Google Moon.  google.com/moon, google.com/mars


Anyway, many different things you can use in the classroom.



Go there to see all of the classes he teachers, and download his handouts.


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