STEM with Dr. Helen Padgett and Lynn Castiglione

May 2, 2009

I am live blogging this session:

Goals-Building a pipline of students who are prepared to enter the university with STEM degrees.

75% of AZ 275 physics teachers do not have a degree in physics. ASU physics classes for teachers is available.

Online engeneering textbooks–there are opportunities.

nsdl.org-great resource.Lots of their postings are on iTunes U is also excellent too.  courses are up from universities and there are lots of stem pieces there.

World of the future–transforming life–

demand for online learning.high school classes will be in an initiative.  in 21st century skills, the stuents need to learn

Partnership for 21st Centurry Skills -they have 6 skills and key elements we need to go. 21stCenturySkills.org.

Adaptive Curriculum presentation where we use online curriculum to enhance learning.

Based on “flash” activity objects.  objects can be manipulated and use problem-solving.  This is supplemental curriculum, supporting core content. Typically enhancing the most difficult concepts, an standards-based.

Teachers can use this as a teaching tool, as a closure tool, as an independent tool for students.

This software is excellent in fostering collaboration and learning, dynamic discussions and problem solving.  It will be available to the HS level this fall.  In our district we have been part of a pilot using this curriculum at the HS level in Math and Science, I believe.  The teachers all report that it is amazing, in that it enhances the teaching and learning moment.

The rest of the materials that accompany the system are amazing.  Not only are there printable work pages, there is also a variety of teaching strategies to help with implementation.


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