Personal Learning Networks for Professional Growth

May 2, 2009

With Irma Sandercock, Professional Development Coordinator, Arizona State University.


I am so excited about this session.  I respect Irma and am anxious to learn how to grow this in my district.  

What are our current issues:

She started with a poll from Polleverywhere.com.  What is your biggest professional development challenge?

Showing a publication  called”  Professional Learning in the Learning Profession–a report.  we do great with the one shot workshop, but we fail at the sustainable learning.

Another publication:  Grow you Personal Learning Network. Leadership and Learning magazine.

Allows educators to prticia\pate in formal and informal modes of pd

teachers assume greater responsibility foro their guided PD

As a professional developer:
Create a professional learning network

Formal pds and informal pd otpportunities offered through ideal.

Webinar solutions:




Using the tools, we could try to create even a static presentation and upload it to iTunes U and then using the google chat feature conduct a synchronous session.

Showing IDEAL and the opportunities there for Personal Learning Professional Growth and Learning. 

In Discovery Streaming, there are ASCD Videos in there for all sorts of topics.  Idea:  Show a movie and then post a discussion forum for the community of practice.

Collaboration Tools:

Interest Groups-you can use these groups to increase group collaboration.

Then also Google Apps for Education.

Personalized Start page in IDEAL Google Apps, lets you create your page.  

Google Sites:

this is a quick way to build a webpage that houses al of your resources.  You can use this google sites to create  a workspace.  

iE.  Make a math site, add a calendar, recent announcements, recent files, sites block.  

In IDEAL go to >Collaboration Apps


>Search Sample Learning Network



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