Digital Storytelling!

April 7, 2009

Well, I just want to say how thankful I am to have been able to be trained two years ago in Digital Storytelling.  I was fortunate to have attended two training courses with the Center for Digital Storytellingone out of Denver-with Daniel Weinshenker, just an incridible experience.  And one out of the home office in Berkley, California, the Train the Trainer course.   Both of these experiences have been transformational for me, and I had hoped to bring back the learning to my school district, Cave Creek Unified School District, and work with teachers to bring this powerful medium into classrooms. 

My work with the AZ K 12 Center, helped open those doors, last summer when one of my participants in my Digital Storytelling Workshop at the Tech Camp that I was teaching happened to be a 7th grade teacher from my district.  We had never met before but her principal had paid for her to attend this excellent technology camp which I will write about in my next post.  At that time, I remember her writing a reflection saying she was going to use Digital Storytelling in her classroom during her Immigration Unit. 

Sure enough I got a call from her, in mid-first semester, saying she was ready to plan the unit!  This teacher is Jill Kratzke, and she is, I found out later, just a 2nd year teacher.  This was a surprise to me because of her willingness to jump in and take the risk, plan and implement this project.  She was welcoming and invited me to co-teach with her, and what a gift that was to me.

I appreciate her for inviting me in and letting me participate in this project from start to finish.  Here is a link to the project.

I sent this project to my twitter network when we were finished, and then I decided to send it to Wesley Fryer, knowing he is especially interested in Digital Storytelling.  He sent me such a nice note and then posted a note to the ISTEConnects blog.  How nice! 

I am very excited about this project.  Currently I am working with a small group of  6th grade special education students in Jill’s school(Desert Arroryo Middle School).  Additionally, I am teaching the process to a group of five teachers at an elementary school, Desert Willow Elementary School in our district.  This is an interesting school, because it is a Spanish Immersion Program, where students are learning Spanish during their Social Studies classes.  One of the 4th grade teachers in that building Kira Dubin just won a competitive statewide grant to do Digital Storytelling in her class, and she received 17 netbooks, among other things…..This has implications across the board for every student and every learner. 

I am so fortunate to be invited in and help facilitate.  That is the best and morst rewarding part of my job.


One comment

  1. Hi, Nancy,
    Those immigration videos are very good…content-wise and technique-wise. I bet it was an eye-opening experience for the kids.

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