Your Digital Personality : the real you in your online class

March 11, 2009

This session is about creativity, images and content on your online classes.

He had music on when we walked in. the Music sets the mood…..in K 12 environments, it works….do we remember when we took classes in college?  Can you set the moood ther?

How do you set the mood in an online course?

PASSION-a word on the screen—-the most important thing a teacher to have…..passion.

Today, passion –how do you transfer your passion into the digital environment?

In 1999-75 colleges wre using online learning.  Tod Conaway, went to Walden University (online)

Most models follow the structure of text based info, then forums.

Let’s agree”

  • The instructions personality impacts student learning
  • There is more that is learned in a class than “the content”
  • Online instruction makes a “personality” difficult to develop or create.

Online instruction is important to create the environment that we learn in..

  • we need ambiance–what does it look like in a face to face classroom, what does it look like  “online”?
  • How is it created?  art, sounds, the tome, the istructor’s personality
  • Does it impact student learning?

Role of the online instrucion:

  • pedagogical role
  • social role
  • managerial role
  • technical role

So the closer you get to someone the more you learn–the more open you are to the learning environment. This is true in the F2F classroom….how true in the Online class.

Online Ambiance:  Banner, background,

What does the role of the instructor play:  How does he instructor put this all on line?

There is more to the LCMsystem than the system.

  • You can bring “in” all of the things you want to use for collaborating,
  • If you deliver your content within a website, you can do HTML easily
  • Roles of the instructor
  • Web 2.0 is a great place and great ways to bring in content

The way that you are present in your courses is important.

You want to give them students your passion and enthusiasm…..

  • you should put a video, lots of pictures, knowing they will go and Google you.

<great discussion about what should a teacher/online instructor put on line…..I really believe that we need to reach out to our students and risk and offer to them a bit of ourselves.>

Examples:  online weekly videos about what the week’s learning willl be.  A video series from one HS social studies teacher in costume taking on personnae of hisorical figures.

<tegrity-lecture capture program……>

Using video to introduce online classes, is a great way to do this–using Camtasia.

Free programs:  jing.com, Screencast.com, Audacity, dimdim, skype, ning,picassa

connections with students……your personality can be so much more…..

So, this is excellent, and was very good.

Now he is an instructional designer, to help teachers


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