Making a Different Kind of Pie–Creating a new class

March 11, 2009


This was a little class I was in during the MEC conference.  It was a good little class about how to recreate your online coursework.  The big take away was make things modular, so that you can pick and choose your content, based on the needs of the students. 

Good plan.

Below are the live blog notes–Like I said–It was a short class!  🙂






Create modules of sections of courses…keep it modular so that all stdents get the same Material, but each teacher teaches their order and manner they choose.

This will not work on classes that you are scaffolding and building background.


length of class, standards to complete, how funded, type of class, who would attend, where do we place it?  How long to plan for it –1 to 3 years….?


Ask wat is the top priority?

Brainstorm?  What do you have, what do you need?

Common Syllabus….

STandard testing?

The presenter is extremely organized and asks her teachers to be organized.

My ig take away, is modules!


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