MEC Conference–Here we go! 1st session-Cathy Poplin Speaks about the 6 trends in Ed TEch

March 9, 2009

6 Trends in Educational Technology

Cathy Poplin, Deputy Superintendent of Department of Education in Educational Technology, is talking about the trends in Educational Technology.

Below are the notes(Live blogged) for this session.  I  will say that it was interesting and informative.  Good to have the data,  and the information as we move forward in these times of no money.  I feel very validated and confident that we in Cave Creek are maximizing our technology use in many areas, and we are continuing to push forward.  I look forward to our piece of the Ed Tech pie………)

1.  Large scale 1-1 impleentations are still alive and well.

  • the implementation plan is important–
  • the mobil cart is not what they are talking about
  • many districts are continuing down this road
  • the ELTF (eLearning Task Force) — one to one learning is what they are looking at — to look for funding –they feel this is key2

.2..Learning Management Systems

  • Back board
  • Propriatory systems are opening up now, and letting people put in there own content.
  • Open source ones are maturing…….
  • It takes alot to manage this
  • Blended learning is powerful.  IDEAL in Arizona has SAKAI is a LMS within IDEAL and it is wonderful and free within the IDEAL network

3.  Online assessiments

  • immediate feedback
  • record keeping
  • formative assessment
  • IDEAL has formative assessments-in the form of Multiple choice to print off.
  • In an item bank
  • By July, there will be single signon for students, and students will be able to have online assessments for students

4.  Mobile student computing

  • all kids have cel phones — texting is alive and well…….
  • they are using mobil computing
  • in grade 9 nearly 70 %have phones,
  • 80% has Mp3
  • Kindergartners too, over 40 % of kids have these mobile devices too.

5.  Interactive White Boards-

  • This is a huge push
  • in IDEAL there are many resources
  • Content will begin to explode in a few years….

6.  Internet Bandwidth Crisis

  • Big broadband issue–not enough
  • ELTF has looked closely at broadband in ARizona
  • E-Rate task force is also being looked at.
  • Behind the scenes there is much happening..

From the Speak Up data, there was much to be interested in:


What do kds use out of the classroom?

Gaming, downloading music, social networking,, communications.  

In many places these are blocked in districted and agencies.  We need new policies so that these are available.


writing, online research, creating slideshows, videos, webpages, IM with classmates, online research.  

#1 trend for students:  our students are becoming Free Agent Learners

ONLINE LEARNING:self-directed learning, un-tethered to traditional school, expert at personal data aggregation

MOBIL DEVICES:Power of connections, creating new communities, not tethered to physical network

BAMING, MULITIMEDIA CONTENT:Experiential learning – make it real, content developers, process as important as knowledge gained.


Teacher Trends:

Online Learning is increasing…30 % prefer it 

  • scheduling
  • pacing
  • time
  • consider IDEAL coursens

33% have explored incorporating online learning in class

in IDEAL July 1 students can come on line, and teachers can do blended learing

Virtual learning too.


The National trend is up


ADE will be offering a Pilot for AP courses especially 

Online learning is growing 30 % annually,  2000-40000 enrollment, in 2006-700,000 enrollment.  

The course was unavailable is the numer 1 reason the person took the course. 

Our terrible trend in Arizona is that our funding has been cut by half…..we needed benchmark and accountability


The annual report, Arioana gets a D- for access to technology.  Our use is good, and we are maximizing our technology that we do have…

Federal stimulus–12,400 million for EETT.

We will get double the usual amount–create 21st century classrooms.  Laptops, whiteboards.


ATTAIN:  Achievement through Technology and Innovation:  Emphasises models that work.  Pd, and research model.

New Ed tEch Standards and Tech Plan

Statewide Instructional Technology (SIT) Project

State of AZ given a D- in access to technology
Bright Spots
– Federal stimulus money – around 12 million (want emphasis to be on 21st Century Classrooms)
– ATAIN – Achievement Through Technology and Innovation – Professional Development, Research based
– New Ed Tech Standards & Tech Plan
– Statewide Instructional Technology (SIT) Project – Statewide person in each county to help with tech integration (1-2 people per COUNTY)
What Can You Do?
– Advocate
– Tell your story
– Invite, Inform, Involve –> School Board Members, State Legislators, Congressmen, Corporate Leaders
Challenge in 08-09
– Survive Economic Downturn
– Affect policies & Secure Funding
– Tell your stories!

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