Where did this Semester go?????

December 23, 2008

Well, I know to be a blogger you have to blog! but whoa, this semester came and went like a bolt of lightening.  We accomplished so much in our district with so little in terms of resources.  ( I know, the story of many districts like ours).  We have set in motion many initiatives and actions that have carried us through and continue to support our district initiaties for sure.  

I have to say I am proud of many of the accomplishments of some of our teachers who are working so hard to do more, be more, and reach harder and deeper into the lives of the students they teach to make an impact.  Those are the teachers I want to be like and strive to be like.  Teachers like Dawn Olson, who is an unwavering support of the district and her school, while supporting her teachers at the building at which she teachers 2nd grade.   Immersed in the everyday act, art and science of teaching, she reaches in and truly knows each of her students and teaches to their strengths.  Through the use of technology integration, seemlessly she engages them into the everyday fabric of school and the important outcomes she must see them achieve.  

But Dawn is not alone in this endeavor.  She has colleagues within the district who risk and reach every day to engage their learners as she does.  Heidi Befort, Marie Frantz, Jill Kratzke, Geoff Johnson, Dominique Flamm, Jeanne Damman the entire language department at the highschool.  All of these folks are reaching and engaging where there is little technology to go on, but a dream of something more.  

In each school there are pockets of learners who benefit from those teachers who just won’t stand for the same ol’ thing.  They dig and search and collaborate and communicate on behalf of their students in order to engage and teach, and facilitate and help them grow to new heights.  These are the teachers I look up to.  I appreciate all that I have had the opportunity to enjoy in terms of the collaboration and kindness, invitation and hope for our students so far this year.  I know that this is only the first half of an amazing year of hard work and growth for so many.  

Thanks to all of the teachers of Cave Creek who have worked along side me and invited me into their classrooms and been so kind to me as we travel along this journey together on behalf of our students.  Hopefully we will have a chance to see some funding across the district from an election that will benefit our students’ learning and growth.  

We need to continue to look forward and grow and push and teach our students how to be global citizens.  They are not going to learn this on their own.  We need to prepare them for their future.  It is up to us and that means teaching with the tools that they use and are accustomed to.  Sure it is a shift.  Sure it is uncomfortable.  For us.  Not them. The students are using all sorts of technology and web applications and software that are catapulting them into the 21st century.  We need to be very careful about how we take our next steps….

We need to be part of the answer.  Part of the solution.  Part of the vision.  

Well, anyway, this semester got away from me here in this blog, but I will try to come back.  I have been itching to write, but not having an avenue–I have been thinking too big.  I’ll start here.  I’ll get back to business.  Over break will be a good time.  Good time to refresh and breathe.  

So here’s to breathing!  Happy Holidays.  I will be back real soon!  I have lots to tell you about what I’ve been up to these past months.  Very interesting stuff, and good too!  As a learner and a teacher.  I’ll write soon………


This is a wordle, from the site wordle.net.

This is a wordle, from the site wordle.net.


One comment

  1. Well, this is great and sums up what so many of us feel like. However, Nancy, it sometimes takes a long time for things to simmer and then come out in a meaningful way. I am looking forward to my new year of blogging and I will look to read yours as well.
    Happy Holidays.

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