WOW-20–Tuesday Night of NECC–Live Broadcast

July 15, 2008

I want to take a minute to write about the wonderful night at NECC when the Women of the Web did their live broadcast in the Second Life Cafe on Tuesday.  I know it was about two weeks ago, now, but I am still catching up with my blogging.  I have been wanting to write about this session in particular because it was so extremely transformational for me.  I know the slogan and theme for this year’s NECC was Convene, Connect and Transform.  Well this session did all three for me.  🙂


I really wanted to go to the broadcast last year.  But it was my birthday and I had gone out for dinner that night with a wonderful friend.  This year I was not going to miss it, so I made sure I was there early.

One by one and a few at a time we gathered there.  Convening together as The Women began to get connected.  So inviting and nice.  There was Cheryl Oakes, trying to connect the internet.  Vicki Davis, helping get connected and connecting the back-chat.  Lucy Gray, in for Jen Wagner was there too, so nice and friendly.  And finally, Jen Wagner was there over the Skype.  So the women were ready and Cheryl began her WOW for the week.  Just like that they were online and connected.  I was sitting close by watching and participating in the back-chat.  So much fun.  Many folks couldn’t be there, so they were wondering who was sitting there and what was happening.  We were trying to tell them what was happening, while things were getting set up.

Anyway, then after The Women took turns telling their WOWs, Vicki came around the audience and invited us to get up and say our WOWs.  I got nervous.  But some of the people went right up there, so after a few minutes, I told Vicki I would go, too.  She put me “on deck” and then … it was my turn.  Cheryl couldn’t have been nicer.  She handed me the mic and I don’t even know what I said.  I will post the link to the webcast here.  It was so nice to be involved and invited.  

Here is the amazing “Connect” part.  I had only met Cheryl once before.  She had been someone I had been listening to over a year ago, before last year’s NECC.  We met in person in Atlanta, and visited there.  This year she remembered me and was so warm and nice to me–just like we’d been friends all year.  We reconnected during this NECC, and I hope to be better at staying in touch.  I also met  Jo McLeay, from Australia, just an incredible person, and we ended up in the Flat Classroom Class together the next morning.  Peggy George, from my state was there, and we seemed to see each other everywhere.  The other women that I met were so helpful and kind.  It was just such a great evening of sharing and connecting.  I had been wanting to meet Vicki and finally had my chance, and also, was happy to meet Lucy.  I think I met Jen last year in Atlanta, or at least we had visited over the internet once or twice.  Just the nicest people.

The transformative part of this entire situation is that we are all basically strangers, but we are not strangers at all.  The power of the internet and the ability to connect and convene, to reach out and risk reaching out your hand, so to speak. to others, and find them reaching back, that is a wonderful feeling.  Perfect strangers, but all there for the same reason.  The sharing and connecting was truly amazing.

Thank you Women of the Web, for the invitation, the innovation, the connection, the opportunity to convene, and the transformation of one of many of your listeners into a better educator because of your efforts, kindness and “reach out.”  You are truly an amazing group of women.  I am so proud of you all and happy to have met all of you.



  1. Well Nancy, what a beautiful post! You are way ahead of me, I am still reflecting in my head. Nothing on paper just yet. Here is the link to NECC08 Live WOW2.0. Stay in touch.

  2. Thanks so much, Cheryl, for reading! I know what you mean. I was on vacation, but it was such a relaxing vaca that I could take some good down time to regroup. It felt really good to write all of my posts there in Telluride!! I had such a wonderful time that night, though at your broadcast. I know all of us in the audience did. Thanks for your encouragement!! I’ll stay in touch, you too!

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