July 4, 2008

This was a session during the EduBloggerCon, Hosted by Vicki Davis.  In Arizona at the Classroom 2.0 conference we called it “lightening sessions” but it is where anybody can get up and demo an application from the Web 2.0 that they really like.  Everybody gets only 3 minutes to get up, do the demo, and show the application on the web.  Not alot of time!!!!  🙂  This was an hour of fun!!  So many great tools.  I am going to post my notes here.  I did what I could, but they went so fast it was hard to get it all.  What I did get was the links.  So at the very least you can go to the links yourself and check things out!  Here you go!

SmackDown Session:  This is a session where folks got up and shared a favorite web 2.0 tool.  They each got 3 minutes.  ONLY. 




This is for easy audience polling.  It’s free, and it can take the place of the electronic clickers.  You can embed the charts into your wiki or what ever. (put it into the “other HTML” area of the widget.


Cha cha.com



Answers questions –any questions…





Qik—stream from your phone    




Ring with Laminated Tags

This is an idea Low Tech for PD:  When you are teaching something new.  Have a ring with a laminated tag ready to put on it.  On the back, there are names of “go to” people on them so that when they need some support, they can look on the back and find a coaches name and number.





Here  you can make comics and not need an account or email or anything.

—no email required…..—print or email it to someone.



—learn Im ettiqute. 

You need a server that supports PHP


Webkins-digital citizenships


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