EduBloggerCon Discussions

July 4, 2008

(This post was started on June 28th, and the draft was just edited and posted today, the 3rd of July)

The buzz is amazing about the EduBloggerCon.  This was a conference within a conference that is created by the participants and for participants who are there because of their love of this idea of open dialog with other like-minded people regarding all things educational technology.  I was there for half the day and enjoyed the discussions and visits.  There was a session about Leadership and Tech that I blogged about already and then a session called a “Smack Down” which was really a lightening session of three-minute presentations of cool technology applications that people like.  Really impromptu, well as impromptu as you can get with 100 people.   (I’ll post another blog post for this)

Anyway, the buzz is that the feel of that EduBloggerCon was or was not quite the experience that it was set out to be.  I thought it was–the conversation was interesting.  But I did think that the conversation did tend towards the “cannots” and “we can’t move along because….”  sort of the “Yeah Buts..”  As Will Richardson Twittered during one of the conversations.  I think the worry is that the “UnConference” feel of the EduBloggerCon was sort of lost.  Well, not having last year to compare with, I felt it was wonderful.  I may not have agreed with all of the discussion, but I did appreciate being involved and invited.  There was a back-channel going on, where even if you didn’t raise your hand or speak out, you could “tweet” your feelings about what you think about.  I’ve not been involved in that before.  It was a relief to be able to “say” my peace without actually talking.  I do regret not putting my two cents in because I have very strong opinions about the subject of leaders and best practices and some ways to help move practice forward.  So I’ll have to wait until next year, and that’s ok with me.  Maybe I’ll even have more to contribute by then!!  🙂  

All in all, it was a great day!


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