Technology Integration Specialist Training

June 29, 2008

Just finished a day-long training on being a Technology and Instruction Specialist.  This was a fantastic session where we worked together to learn about evaluating the project-based learning being done in the schools, and begin to create a common language for that kind of reflecting.  We received tools and rubrics, etc.  I am excited to bring this information back to the district and visit with our principals to first identify what we would see as a common level or common goal in the classroom, and then to create an instrument for us to use to support teachers who are interested in coming on board.

Additionally I am really looking forward to sharing these resources with my Cadre–my team of teachers, my peeps, 🙂  who are the ones who are closest to the staff and the teachers.  They will be really excited to see this training and to engage in this common language..

What a gift to have experienced this and to have an opportunity to bring to my district a level of professionalism with technology integration.  



One comment

  1. When is the next training? Is there a certificate involved? do you have to be an educator to be involved?

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