Summers off? I don’t think so!!! :) Gotta love it!

June 22, 2008

Well the month of June is almost over and it has been a pretty big learning month for me so far!  We had Summer Institute in my district, where we invited teachers to engage in professional development at no charge to them.  I taught Digital Storytelling at the Tech Camp, Camp Plug and Play in Tucson, put on by the Arizona K 12 Center, and then I attended the Leadership Conference that next week.  Been busy!

I have to say that I did learn so much from the Leadership Conference.  The ideas and thought processes that Dr. Thomas Guskey brought to the table were pretty spectacular, considering that I do this for a living.  I appreciate all of that learning, and also feel validated in some respects.  I have a better understanding of why, for instance, some of the initiatives in our district have failed or not worked or been received as well as anticipated.  He spelled out the ground work to make it happen in a more open and a way that might be more acceptable to teacher leaders.  

That doesn’t change or take away my disappointment about our Summer Institute and the fact that it was not attended well.  I will hope that as we move forward I will be able to communicate my learnings from this summer’s leadership training to my team and share some of the strategies I learned.  Like:  to take the needs survey not exactly literally, but as an indicator of underlying currents of needs.  Like the questions behind the questions…(you know the book?)  Also, to try to avoid classes after school, and perhaps do them on Saturdays?  Maybe I’ll do a survey for that one…

Well, I know that next year will be better.  

The Digital Storytelling Class went extremely well.  I did learn some things for sure, and I will be implementing a couple of different things for the July Camp Plug and Play.  I LOVE this class, and hope to teach it in my district this fall.  I really think it is so incredible.  It is the perfect marriage of art and writing, story and image.  It is such a wonderful way to celebrate ourselves, our loved ones and our lives.  I absolutely love it.  

Now next Saturday I travel to San Antonio to attend the NECC conference.  I am so excited to attend and be part of that experience again.  Last year was my first year and it was an experience I will never forget.  This year I have several classes planned, but some free time as well.  I will attend the Flat Classroom class, to learn how to generate and create a Flat Classroom project within my district.  Also I am in a class for Technology Specialists.  That should be very informative.  I hope to get there in time for the last half of the Edubloggercon, the Unconference, where the bloggers get together and blog and talk and interact together.  I just can’t wait.  

Then it will be back to July Tech Camp.  And in the mean time I am Moodling with the Moodlrooms group of MRCTs  (Moodlerooms Certified Trainers), trying to become a certifed trainer.  

Pretty busy, huh?????

Summer.  Who ever said teachers had “summers off”? 





  1. Nancy, it has been a busy but very productive summer. I’m so glad that so many of your summer activities overlap with mine! Maybe we’ll even run into each other at NECC!

  2. Nancy–You are WAY too busy but we can’t wait for you to come back and share with us all in the office. Your notes and comments here are incredibly detailed and helpful. Thank you for taking the time so we can all “learn” with you! Deb

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