The IPDP – Individual Professional Development Plan

June 16, 2008

This session was live blogged.  


This is the first introduction to the workbook created by the AZ K 12 Center.  The premise is that teachers need to be involved in their own learning in terms of professional goals.  Teachers need to be aware of how to write goals that are attainable and measurable.  Additionally the goals need to be related to students’ needs.

Goals need to be about not just what you “do” but how you can “be”.

Taryl Hargens is talking about this first piece about the IPDP.  She is bringing in the analogy to Johnny Appleseed.  Hauling apples vs. planting seeds.

This is the difference between doing and being in professional development.  Planning for the future. The river that Johnny rowed up on has the current that pushes us where we have to go. Curriculum, school improvement plans, etc.  Do we fight the current or do we make it work for us?  Stop the boat and get out and reflect on what we need to help the trees bare fruit.

If quality teaching is substance for students, teacher should stop and evaluate their PD.  

IPDPlanning is about using the professional learning communities around them to collaborate and communicate with others to make a difference.  

How can we best nurture one another?  Through the implementation of sound strategies.  

The Archetichture of Professional Development Planning.  Graphic on page 14 and 15.  

1.  Assess professional development need grounded in knowledge of your students

2.  Set high and worth while goals of your professional development

3. Plan objectives and professional learning objectives

4.  Gather evidence of impact on student learning

5. reflect on effectiveness of professional goal and students

6.  Set new high and worthwhile professional learning goals


We are in the workbook:  paying attention to what we do as educators 

What is Work worth doing?:

Professional development goals that are shared and ongoing.

Continuous learning that grows with the needs of students.

Planted in the moment when the ground for learning is most fertile.


This was an excellent session.  Taryl did a GREAT job of planting seeds for us for the week of learning.  



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