Leadership Institute at Westward Look-Tucson

June 16, 2008

Below is my post on my page about the first session of the Leadership Institute.  

Here we go…..

I am at the wonderful Westword Look at a leadership conference.  Teacher leaders from around the state are here to discuss professional development and teacher leadership.  

Here is a question:  What is the purpose of professional development?

  • Increase student achievement
  • expand thinking
  • expand your practice
Assumptions about professional development and teacher leadership:
  • Improved teaching practice improves student achievement
  • professional development based on context specific data has the greatest chance of making an impact.
  • teacher leaders at the site and district levels can build professional learning communities to increase student achievement. 
The black box theory.
input/output.  Go to the workshop, your students achieve.
What is in your black box?   Write down 2 or 3 assumptions. 
Curriculum Development, professional development, and non-academic factors lead to student achievement.
Begin with assumptions before you plan your professional development.  Don’t just plan PD without thinking through the assumptions.
Make it a glass box…
Professional development   (all of these factors)
  • coaching
  • institutional resources
  • implementation
  • mentoring
  • student assessment
Equals-Student Achievement
So–Goal for this week:  
  • Teachers participate in collaborative learning experiences.
  • Teachers implement new learning in thier instruction
  • Then student performance will increase.
Then how do we evaluate our success?
We will find out this week…………

One comment

  1. Nancy–I love the “visual” of the Black Box becoming the Glass Box! This would help with communication, understanding and transparency. Deb

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