How to develop an IPDP

June 16, 2008

How do we develop these plans?  We MUST begin with the needs of the students.  If the assumption is that the goal of solid professional development is to improve student achievement, then we have to begin there.

Begin with the Assessment of Need

1.  Assess professional development need grounded in knowledge of your students. 

  • student assessment
  • mentoring assessment
2.  Goal for professional growth.
  • what is your goal for professional growth?
  • what professional teaching standard will you target as an area for growth
  • where do you fall on the continuum for teacher development
  • where do you intend to go
3.a.  Determine personal learning objectives
  • What do you need to support students?
  • What knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes do you expect to learn by engaging in these activities?
3.b.  Select relevant learning activities.
  • What new strategies, processes or content will you take part in to improve student learning?
  • In what sequence might you consider the activities you will engage in at different phases of the plant?
3.c. Determine a timeframe for completion of each professional learning activity.
  • When will you review and revise your plan?
  • How will you go about sustaining this new learning over time?
3.d. Identify resources needed to complete each professional learning activity.
These are great steps to plan your overall Personal professional development.  The more reflective and resourceful you are, the farther you will move yourself along on the continuum. 

*Idea:  Begin with a school wide goal–to get buy-in and see a useful implementation of this process.


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  1. Nancy–Is this what you were referencing this afternoon in the interviews–the IPDP? Deb

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