Challenges and opportunities do we see in Professional Development

June 16, 2008

This is a breakout session to visit and have a conversation about Professional Development in our districts.

What challenges do we face?

  • Time
  • choice and attitude of other teachers
  • “old attitudes”
  • sustainability of the mentoring program
  • differentiating pd for choice, content and learning level
  • accountability
  • commitment and buy in
  • trust
  • stakeholders are not on the same page
What opportunities exist?
  • IPDP – teachers will be more apt to go to what they actually need, and utilizing the 301 monies and Career Ladder process as well
  • funding for some PD is there
  • Choice for quality PD is there
  • teaching teachers to be more intentional for their specific PD needs
  • protocols and structures that are already in place to impact student achievement
  • Leadership-if the leadership take the opportunity to act in the instructional leader role, then they have the opportunitiy to make a positive impact on the process and quality of professional development
  • Take advantage of resources
What do we seek as teacher leaders?  (Goals, objectives, priorities)
  • follow up
  • useful pd that will grow our practice
  • give teachers pd that they can take and implement TODAY
  • always make the link to student achievement
  • using the internal resources
  • more teacher voices on task forces and decision making
  • ways to evaluate-giving teachers the tools
  • closing the achievement gap
What resources do we have in our schook/district related to PD and teacher leadership?
  • Arizona K 12 Center
  • Title monies
  • expertise 
What possibilities exist or could exist for collaboration?
  • giving people opportunities to have early release days
  • meetings with new teachers:  seminars
  • new teacher acadamies
  • grade level planning
Where do we envision our school/district will be related to PD in teacher leadership in one year?
  • getting principals on board
three years?
five years?

Implementing change

Professional learning requires a link between self and action–

The most complex learning in which humans engage involves changing both what we do and who we are.

Ways of doing and ways of being…..what we do (external behaviors) to support professional growth needs that are aligned with our ideas–then incorporate that into what you are.

How are we being?  

ways of doing should encompass ways of being

in other words, what you do should align with your essence of what you embrace and feel systematically.  Planning an agenda for a parent advisory meeting = embracing and utilizing parent involvement and voice.

Providing teachers with student data = building a learning community focused on student achievement

Meeting state requirements for certification = examining professional decisions through the lens of impact of new learning on students

the Mobius Strip;

above the line:  doing– write what is one area of PD I want to become involved with

below the line:  being–write one way of being that would support the professional activity.

1.  form a loop with your strip

2.  rotate one end of the strup 180 degrees and secure it with tape on both sides

3.  have a brief discussion around the following:

What implications does the mobius strip have for the ways in which we plan, implement and evaluate professional development in our schools and distract

What we are doing is contiuous and in motion.  There is always something else we can do to improve.  But it is ALL related to one another. Directly related.  The professional development we do directly relates to the impact we have on our students.



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