Andrew Morrill-AEA Vice President

June 16, 2008

Andrew is talking about recommendations about professional development in Arizona.  He is talking about some data that has produced some information and guidelines for professional development recommendations.  

His presentation advocates the state funding and investing in professional development for our teachers.  He goes on to say that the AZ K12 Center is really the HUB of Quality and affordable professional development for the teachers in the state.  To meaningfully adopt the Staff Development standards, is important.  The state needs to get on board.  Bottom line–we need to grow this profession.

Here’s some further thoughts from Andrew:

1.  we operate under a strict defination of teaching…..test prep, testing, teaching of basic skills–which is dominant but so little of what we do

2.  dominant rhetoric in the state–still says it is a cost that must be reduced.  At least they are talking, but we need to get them to move toward the right direction.

3.  need to invest in the profession–invest in public education as a way to grow the economy–keep resources in the schools and in the state…….in order to keep the economy going

4. Public wants high quality teachers.

5.  standards for students, standards for teachers, standards for professional development, and great teachers in the room to move us forward.

It was great to hear an AEA representative speak so highly of the AZ K 12 Center, and of the fact that professional development and growing the teachers needs to be a priority of the state of Arizona.




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