T + L Conference-NSBA in Nashville

October 22, 2007

Well the previous two posts and others to come were from a wonderful conference that I had the opportunity to attend last week put on by the National School Boards Association called the T + L Conference. It was very well organized and executed technology and education conference with wonderful Keynote Speakers and good sessions. Several different formats rounded out the planning, such as round-tables, direct teaching and lunch/breakfast keynotes. Of course my favorite was Will Richardson, which I will put the notes up soon. I had the opportunity to meet him at the “visit” session scheduled for after his session. That was definitely a highlight.

So, I will be posting more from my trip, and reflecting more about the big ideas that I have taken away.

It is funny, after my NECC experience, which was something that I can hardly describe, so life changing and important, that is my basis of comparison for conferences like this now. And this one definitely was a wonderful experience. People so nice and helpful. Couple of the sessions were a little less than hoped for, but that is to be expected, and actually could have been just a misinterpretation in what it was going to be on my part. (round-table vs. direct teaching) I feel very fortunate that I have a district that felt the need to send me to this so that I can take away lots of food for thought and next steps for my district…..more on that later…


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