The New Nets and New Bloom’s

October 19, 2007

Where Technology and Cognitive Skills Intersect

Melinda Kolk is the presenter. She is talking about integrating the National Education Technology Standards for Students with Blooms Taxonomy, while we teach with higher level thinking skills embedded in our deliver and our product outcomes. Her point is to expect more from the students than the lower level skills, even when you are using technology. Don’t just use PowerPoint, for instance, as a glorified word application. Use it as a collaboration tool to engage thinking and decision making, problem solving and learning. Use multi-media and other tools to engage and provoke thinking at all levels. Below is the live blog, and just some notes. It was a round-table session, and other than these few notes, I had a nice discussion with a great fellow technology specialist.

Melinda’s presentation:

The Blooms refresh, and now they have changed into verbs. But they had Synthesis which is now Evaluate, remember is w,w ,w, w, Understand is how and why. Those are lower level. If kids aren’t doing multi-media, we are doing kids a disservice. Interactive white boards make no change to student learning if people do not make the changes in their practice to make the change to their student achievement.

We must change how we teach, adjust our approach.

Instead of doing a state report PowerPoint with just data, do a travel log through the state. Make it contextual. Make it decisional. Make it open-ended. Compare and contrast. Audience is a huge indicator. How do you keep motivation going? We don’t throw away transitional learning, but we ask what do we give to our friends to help them truly learn?

Let’s use Blooms to make those typical projects better.



  1. Hi, Nancy,
    Where was this conference you attended? The sessions sound very good.

  2. Hi John,

    I posted the handouts and a few links from this session at: http://www.tech4learning.com/staffdev/kolk/nets_blooms

    However, the real value in the session was the discussions between peers. If you have any questions, let me know – melinda@tech4learning.com

  3. Hi John,

    So good to hear from you. Thanks for checking in. I wrote a little post about the conference. It was the NSBA T + L conference. It was great. A nice conference, not too big, but just right. Very good sessions, and really the big message seemed to be 21st century skills, and that we need to look ahead. Teach for the unknown. Also, collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. Those are my big take-aways. I hope to get the rest of the sessions in the blog by the weekend.

    Hoping this finds you well.

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