Jim Brazell-The Future is Here

October 19, 2007

This was a lunch session, where Jim Brazell was the Keynote Speaker. His point and my takeaway was that not only do we need to move from traditional ways, we need to move towards the new technologies, and all that it implies. We have to move FROM and then TOWARDS if we want to make change happen. It has to be deliberate and concious.

Here are the notes for this session, again, live blogged and raw.

21st Century skills—skills that are relavent in this rapidly changing world of technology. What shifts will we have to make in order to increase options for students? What do we have to move From or To?

The Future is Here! What are the signs of technology progress?
Why, What, How….

The Why….

Video games…Computing power in the toys is huge
Convergence of physical, imaginary,

Shift from “games are toys,” to “games are educational technology”. Games are at times first used as games, and then used for educational purposes.

Video games offer simulation–army, nursing, language,
Try http://www.whyville.net
It’s free, 11-15 year old kids, scientists,
Of ventureramp.com-book on gaming is free.
Our car has more computing power than rockets used to put man on the moon in the early days.
A shift needs to focus on from information technology to “mechatronics.”

Micro-mechatrnics-and nano-mechatronics–there is a design of an artificial red blood cell. (He was showing it)

The What…..
What we need to shift is the Specialized KSA to Systems KSA. Systems knowledge vs. specialized knowledge. The movement of jobs is transitioning from traditional IT to the integration of many skills. People get paid good wages to work hard and have lots of skills.
We need to shift from the 1950’s workforce model, to the millenials model.
Today 20% of workforce has a degree, and 20% requires a post secondary degree. 65 % require skills. Used to be 20% rofessional, 20% skiled, 65% unskilled.

Shift is from unskilled to skilled technology workers. Look at the Mechatronics report at Ventureramp.com

The How…

Shift from votec is less rigorous to votec ed is very rigorous and valuable.

CTE needs to be imortant and valued and valuable. It must be no less rigorous

Shift from low STEM performance to high STEM performance
Shift from high drop out rates, to low drop out rates.

The Shift is from why to how…………..
(This concluded his presentation)

This is a great big Ah ha for me. We need to shift our thinking to move towards the how are we going to begin to educate the students for this unpredictable world. The why is here and gone. We know why. I don’t want to have to pursuade anybody anymore. It is here and now. We just need to get on the topic of the systematic practice of how. I have high hopes that we’ll get there.

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  1. Great live blogging. This looks like a great presentation.

  2. Thanks for checking in on me, Vicki! I was wondering if I would see you at this conference. But I have been listening to some podcasts, and heard you up in Maine, I believe. I was listening to Bob Sprankle’s bit by bit, and he had taped Will Richardson’s session up there, and I believe you were in the front row….he made reference to that in the recording. šŸ™‚

    I can’t believe it is already the end of the 1st quarter, huh? Hope your year got off to a great start.


  3. Jim Brazell’s focus is right on target for the changing world we all find ourselves in. Using the dynamics of video gaming to shift us all into the virtual spaces of learning, health, and social dynamics gives us a safe space to make mental-emotional-spiritual growth.

    For three decades I have been searching for this shift made easy. The marriage of science, technology, and the arts is the beginning and the end of opening us humans to the larger perspective. Thank you, Nancy for your review

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