Gary Stager-10 things to do with laptops

October 19, 2007

Here is a session I attended regarding ten random things you can do with laptops. As I reflect, it was really more about thinking outside the box with our teaching, and stepping outside the sage on the stage role and moving more towards the role of facilitator in the learning environment. Below is an attempt to live blog his session: Please excuse the note-taking.

Digital handout–www.stager.org/t+l

Four words-less us more them.

Benefit to kids. What does this mean for kids. What can they do now that they couldn’t do then.
Learner and student outcomes………..Is there any evidence that the laptops work…..
challenges exist today, while we are talking about the future…

What is the world like for the children who have not yet entered your school? They are on the computer……….If everyone came to school a reader, you wouldn’t grunt phonemes at them……..

It is our responsibility to build upon the skills they have. Challenge them.

This is about expanding opportunities.

Three types of laptop schools:

1. The pioneers: should be expecting more of the teachers and students
2. The Marketeers: Want people to be in the newspaper.
3. The Neighbors:

Papert–Gary talks alot about Papert, as a yoda to him and about his philosophies.


What do the kids do with the computers?

1. Write a novel. more, better, differently, with editing, fanfiction.net, podcasting, fiction, nonfiction, research
2. Share our knowledge-changing nature of memory, remember?; wikipedia; distributed nature of expertise, breaking news, Ayla Brown, I’m not noteworthy, passion vs. accuracy
3. Answer tough questions-Webquests, “who should I vote for” project
4. Make sense of data-goggle earth, GIS software, inspire data, tinkerplots, rathom
5. Design a video game. Not just consume them—everybody has to haiku, why not have everybody do the video game.?
6. Build a Killer Robot-even in Kindergarten A good prompt is worth a thousand words–good prompt, materals, time, authentic problems, real construction materials. Technology ecology
7. Lose weight–help with communicate with your ipod 🙂
8. Direct a blockbuster-make movies, two rules: movies shorter, and edit it one more time . Mirror the writing process, and explore different genres. (Machinima)
9. Compose a symphony. Finale Notepad. Garageband.
10. Change the world. citizen journalism.
11. Be a mathematition, scientist, engeener, luthier

We can be composers and consumers. New opportunities for Musical Performance and composition.

Gopher-cam. basically, the point is that kids can view the world differently if we as educators open the gates and allow for this collaborative environment, and the school districts and school boards have the visions to get though.

Imagine that if a child has a question, and then the tools to use inquiry and investigation and problem solving.

Technololgy matters.
Make memories-students don’t remember spelling tests, they remember projects.

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