Here I am at a live session…

June 28, 2007

I am here at a live session at NECC about blogging, and how it is infiltrating and changing what a conference is. Steve Hardagon, David Warlick, Will Richardson. They are talking about the EdubloggerCon, which was the UnConference that happened on Saturday. It is all about the teaching and learning. What is different about the teaching and learning landscape–much more about the learning than about the technology.

They are discussing how people are really transformed by the tools and blogs have been influential in that transformation. The reason that the edubloggercon was so successful was because even though each person many of them had never “met”, in actuality they had really absolutely met and had been talking deeply with each other about learning and teaching and education for months and possibly years.

Now, at the conference, they are discussing that some of the best things that happen comes out of the sidebars, which is incredible. They are saying that we have to get around the tools to the pedogogy. I totally agree with that. Because it is the pedogogy that will keep us going and will shape us and move us forward educationally.

Now they just called up Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsey. Julie is talking about a project that she and Vickie did together between Georgia and Bangladesh. Then they added more schools and countries.

Gosh!! It sounds incredible…Flat Classroom……..Horizon Project.

They got world view change and multiple perspectives. This will really be impactful to learners all over the globe. I can see an application for this as teachers move their practice and stretch themselves during National Board Certification. Part of that process is finding the diversity and helping students see multiple perspectives besides their own in their learning process. What an incridible way to go about that then to have a teacher and students from another country participate in your own learning environment. What a “Web 2.o” idea and practical application.

Now they are talking about next steps–Broadening these conversations, also expand this globally. But we have to figure out what is that leverage point. What is it that means that we need to be restructureing that selling point….? Bring that story to the next level—

I think these women are already there……


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  1. Thank you for the kind compliment. So you were live blogging the bloggers! How neat!

  2. Thanks, Vicki

    I will actually be in touch about the Flat Classroom Project as we have a grant in our district that would fit the project, I think, very well.

    I will be contacting you. It was wonderful meeting you.
    And Yes, Live blogging the bloggers, was hard but actually quite fun! 🙂

  3. Nancy, thanks for your kind comments about our projects and thanks for blogging the session! Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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