Wow! Excellent reflections…

June 26, 2007

When all is said and done what have I learned on this first day, Monday? I have to say that I must come back to my old standby that it is still about the learner in the classroom and how to engage him/her in the moment. I was doing some work here in my room and listening to a podcast from Wesley Fryer, whom I will endeavor to meet tomorrow, and he was talking about the tools of the Web. Yesterday, in David Warlick’s Blogging Class, he was talking about those same tools, and I love that. We’re here, and I think this thinking is all around us. THere is such a buzz, that it seems that everywhere you turn around someone’s blogging, or tagging or podcasting something…or else talking about just that and those things. I think as WE move this direction, certainly some of us, (David, Wesley, Terry, who I had the pleasure of meeting this evening) are farther along in the process than others, but that’s ok. It is all about change, and as Trina said last night and Wes just said in his latest podcast, its about us being that change we want to see.

That really helps me as I continue to search and seal my focus for my school year, in my wonderful school district where there is so much potential.

This blogging is very incredible. David was right when he said you are not a blogger unless you write and read. That reflection is critical. It takes that “tag cloud” of thoughts in your head and puts them to rest in some semblence of order. As a National Board Certified Teacher, I know that reflection is transformational. I can really see the power. wow.


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