New Learning plus some fun too!

June 25, 2007

Well, it’s been an exceptional day here at NECC. Really starting with last night’s keynote speakers, the President of ISTE, Trina J. Davis, PhD. who had an exceptional message of hope with three stems: Persue the paradigm shift, embrace the global learning, and advocate for change. I enjoyed her passion and enthusiasm and desire to push the legislature for digital equity and her message of collaboration. Anrew Zolli, the Keynote Speaker, was dynamic and his message was to make things personal, tangible, be present and make the learning environment desirable. All things we can achieve, I believe, and must achieve, if we want to reach our learners. Reach them through their worlds. Bring their worlds into the classrooms, bring the classrooms into their worlds……

Today brought new experiences with Video Conferencing with Janine Lim. It was a good class, with excellent hands-on resources and handouts. We experienced the process first hand several times, and networked all over the country. Great time……!

That was the morning, with lunch and exhibits all afternoon.

Tonight we visit with AzTea, our Arizona Affiliate of ISTE for a little reception. Looking so forward to visiting with all of our Zonies!!! Go D-Backs!! 🙂


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  1. […] workshop is over but I will need to add more later…By row buddy, Nancy, and I made sure we’d keep track of each other via our blogs. This was the added value to a […]

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