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June 24, 2007

I am here waiting for Advanced Blogging to start. I can’t wait to begin and get going. David Warlick has already updated his Wiki space with the agenda, with links all about what we will be doing. What a great way to accomplish professional development-a hybrid of online and face to face learning where the class begins as an online space, introduces themselves, and each adds to the agenda items.

What he did was about 2 months ago, email us with a Wiki space with a shell of an agenda, and an invitation and request to introduce ourselves. We were each supposed to look at the agenda, add to it, or star things that we really wanted to focus on. Then recently (the last couple of days) the instructor embellished the agenda with online links, no-doubt that will at least to some degree drive our day. And then that all leads up to our time together today. That accomplishes two things…..We’ve already met, and already know where we are going in terms of the class. Two things that take up a good chunk of the learning time usually. 🙂 Plus, we will all be bringing some solid prior knowledge to the game and will be, basically, on the same page as we enter the learning environment.

Now, some of us entered the wiki space early, some of us entered the space within the last two days, but there are about 25-30 of us in this class, and David Warlick has already had a chance to learn who his learners are, and so he will know how to tailor his instruction accordingly.

ok….I’m ready. (too bad I’m about 45 minutes early 🙂 🙂 )

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