NECC Day 1-A Day of Learning and Networking

June 24, 2007

Well, what a great day this was. I had the wonderful opportunity to actually learn from three excellent educators, David Warlick, Chris Lehmann and Marcie Hull. To be in the same room as them was amazing, as I have been reading David’s blog now for so long, and it is obvious that Chris and Marcie have so much to give as well. It is overwhelming to think that after all this time that I could contribute anything to the fold of the conversation.

Today I met Kathy from New Hampshire, Vinnie from upper Chicago, and Rachel. The beginnings of some interesting and important networking of my own to form and hone. Looking forward to staying connected…

As a classroom teacher, I was a consumer of the technology. Using everything with my students every day of my life. Not with EVERY lesson, but each day there was something that I needed to use technology to enhance my lesson, engagement and learning with my students. Even at the 3rd grade level, my students looked to me to enhance their learning, but also to give them the tools to help them become consumers as well.

In my role as a District Technology Specialist, it is a shift–am I still a consumer? Well, yes, I have been given all the tools necessary to do my job. I have a macbook with dual boot, I have a dell on my desk, I have a digital camera, a digital video camera, and all the software I need. Access to training, and some time to spend training myself.

But how do I initiate and engage my collegues in the conversation and move forward with this important and worthwhile message? And what is that message? How fast do we move and how mighty do we sound out our voice? I look forward to this conference and beyond to gain a clear focus. 🙂 Next year is looming and I want to make a plan….

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