Wow! What a day!

May 1, 2007

Well, this was a day to remember! Thanks to Tony Vincent for coming to visit us and training us on how to use our iPods in our classroom. We had such a great day. Tony already emailed me the link to the instructions to download video .
Thank you all for your attention and great discussion. Tony was impressed with our Cave Creek Style!

Let’s use this blog for our thoughts and discussion as we work through our iPod issues. I am emailing the url to “Outside the Box” Blog to Tony, and he said he would love to peek in and offer suggestions or solutions to our issues over the course of the next few weeks as we try to figure out what we are doing.

So, post your questions here, or even email your questions to me and I can create a new big “topic” for us to visit about. This is nicer than email because all of the comments stay so you can read all of the solutions all at once. If you can help your “neighbor” then you can read the comments and help them out by answering, or coaching them through an issue.

You guys ROCK!



  1. Cave Creekers: I had a fantastic time Monday with all of you. I hope you are putting your iPods to good use. I know we covered A LOT of material, so like Nancy said in the post, please post questions. Even better, post your thoughts and ideas for iPodding in your classrooms!

  2. Yippee! I actually brought the iPod into the room first thing this morning and did a lesson with the kids about what it was and how they thought we could use it in the room. Most of the kids were totally at ease with the iPod..they even taught me about iDogs and iPenguins which apparently have speakers and look like animals that kids can plug their iPods into. So they again are far ahead of us in the tech world. So then we ventured into harder areas…how did my terrific second graders think we could use it to learn? Wow…learning with the cool music thing…they had great ideas. They wanted to tape our animal presentations…so we did that this afternoon. It’s not podcasting and mixing in music yet…but I managed to get the 7 kids who presented taped and off of the iPod and onto my desktop. I even got a new page on my website called Listen and Learn where I got one of the wav files uploaded. The kids were thrilled to think that grandparents in other states may be able to listen to them “teaching” others in our classroom! They were really so excited…the poor kids who presented last week were upset that they couldn’t represent today. Needless to say, they’ll probably be representing…kids asking to speak in front of class again??? They also came up with a great idea for mothers day and fathers day…so we’ll give that a whirl this week too! I am so excited to have this new toy and to see the kids so excited to figure out how best to use it. They also listened to Willow Web today and they all thought they could do that too! We’ll see if we can manage something of our very own in the short 18 days of school we have left!

  3. Wow, Dawn! You had a productive day! I love the energy your kids have, especially the ones who want to be sure to be “heard” next time!! It is catchy!

    You will notice that your whole approach to what you have the kids do will change as you create your lessons, and as you plan your evidence of student learning. As we all know our bottom line is student achievement and student engagement. I’ll bet you anything that your students were completely engaged, and totally ready to move to the next step. Thanks, Dawn for sharing with us about your awesome day, and jumping in with both feet!!! Can’t wait to go to your website!

  4. Question: So in trying to bring over more audio files from the iTalk to the iTunes to schoolcenter for webpage, I am noticing I am limited to 10 mb file size. All my wav files that went over a minute are larger than 10mb. So I used the media convert site to make them mp3’s as the site says it supports that audio file type. It shrinks them down enough to upload. But are we going to have a limit on our webspace? Just wondering as I load these first few clips up when I will run out of room.

  5. Dawn, I can’t address your web space file size concerns, but converting to MP3 will save lots of space.

    An easier way than using media-convert for the iTalk files is to use iTunes to convert the WAV to MP3. Direction for this begin in Step #2 on page 134 of the handout.

  6. Hi all, I believe each of our uploads are set at the 10MB size for a good reason. Remember that 10MB is a gigantic file for the web. Many people out there still are on dial-up, so grandma might have to wait hours to hear a presentation. The MP3 file is much better for the web. I’ll look into my Schoolcenter documents to see if there is a max storage size set for each teacher’s site.

  7. Dawn, and all,

    Yes, the 10 mb is for each total file limit, but there is not a limit to my knowledge for each teacher as far as total space. If Eric is checking for us, he will tell us what he finds out. Thanks, Eric for doing that. I’ll check my sources as well. That’s a great question.

  8. Thank everyone for your help! Eric: Good thinking we have hi speed internet but families may not…wasn’t thinking that way. Tony: So I can use iTunes to convert…whodda thunk it? Great..that means one less step which means one less chance of me renaming something incorrectly (as I did yesterday). All: The good news, the kids were so excited they went home and told their parents to check the website for their presentations. A parent contacted me via email to say she went to listen to her daughter report but I had her daughters name on another boys file. I pulled it off and will fix it, but already people are seeking this out. I realize there is so much more we can do with this tech, but for now just having the kids re-energized at end of year is a awesome.

  9. Wow! Dawn, your project seems wonderful. You have definitely engaged your students and they seem excited about learning. I have also jumped in with both feet. My class is working to make a podcast episode about caring for the earth. Students have been working to create scripts and we are going to try to record this week. I have no idea if I will be able to pull it off, but the students are engaged in learning. My thought was just to go for it and see what happens. So far, it has been great. Students are really working hard to seek out interesting information to put in their scripts.

  10. Carrie, That is awesome. I can’t wait to hear your podcast! I think you are right…go for it and see what happens. That was my thinking, plus if we wait and don’t try it…how will we ever remember how to do it all? I didn’t have an iPod before so just learning how to work that was tricky for me. So then pulling from it to the computer and converting from wav to mp3 was all new to me. Now I am playing in Audacity. I’ve had to figure out how to cut out last names when kids said them in their presentations. I’ve also been messing with reducing the background noise from the air conditioning in my room. Lots more learning to do…but so much fun! Let us know the name of your podcast so we can listen in!

  11. Dawn and Carrie, I am so thrilled that you both are diving in. I really appreciate your diligence and excitement with your process. Carrie, please let us know when you have them up on your website, or accessible.

    At our next meeting on the 14th we’ll regroup and look at the SchoolCenter website solution, and how that process works.

    I love the curricular applications that you both have chosen. I think at times people think this type of thing is “fluff” when in actuality it is the most authentic standards-based learning we can give the students.
    Thanks for all you do! Keep us posted!

  12. WOW! It was so exciting to see our CCUSD educators in action and sharing their creativity with each other last week with Tony and now here on Nancy’s blog. Our students are so lucky to have such forward-thinking and techno-savvy teachers! I can’t wait to hear what else you are planning or have tried in your classrooms with the iPOD since May first! Thank you for sharing–Debbi

  13. I just posted the second episode of the Learning in Hand: iPods podcast. This episode is all about downloading video and I think it will be a great review of what we covered in the workshop. It’s nice to have in podcast format, as you can pause and rewind as many times as you’d like.

    Here’s the link.

  14. Well, I ran into some technical difficulties while creating my podcast, but I think I am back up and running again. Tony, I noticed that when my recording became too long (over 6 or 7 minutes) Audacity had trouble playing it back. The playback sounded distorted and sometimes it just wouldn’t play at all. I am going to work around it by having a part 1 and 2 for the episode we are working on, but was wondering if you knew a way to fix this. Thank you for your support.

  15. Carrie,

    I haven’t experienced problems with Audacity and longer recordings. I have actually used Audacity with up to 60 minutes with no problems.

    I found some information on this wiki. Try the advice under the “Skips” section. I hope that solves your problem. I know it’s such an inconvenience to do episodes in two parts.

  16. Thank you for those tips. I ended up making the podcast into 2 episodes so that it was completed before school got out. However, I will continue to investigate the skipping problem. The 2 episodes I created are on my website under class podcasts if anyone would like to listen. Go to: http://www.ccusd93.org/bmes/teachers/4thgrade/beaudoin

  17. Sounds like a great conference. I wish that I could have participated. But, I guess it’s all online and so I can go thru it.

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