iPods in the Classroom

April 27, 2007

Well, Here we go! We’ve all had the first training for the upcoming iPods in the classroom training We are in for a treat here in Cave Creek as we anticipate Tony Vincent visiting our district for this training. He will be bringing with him excellent ideas and expertise with these devices. Hopefully you are ready to think outside the box and really think “integration” of technology, and using the tools we have in the classroom to impact our students in creative ways. Let’s really take this to heart and see how we can impact one at a time! We can truly make a difference. This is going to be GREAT! Get ready for an EXCELLENT day!



  1. I am so looking forward to introducing podcasting to my class. I believe we as educators need to offer projects that incorporate a high level of technology. Technology is in our children’s future and we need to give them every opportunity to experiment with it.

  2. I researched podcasting a lot over this last summer. I downloaded software and the guides from Radio WilloWeb to get me started but never got to it this year. I am looking forward to using podcasting with my kids in second grade and maybe even as a club at elementary.

  3. I am very excited to meet our guest speaker and to learn more about podcasting. The kids love using technology in and out of the classroom. I know this will motivate them to learn. I think it’s very important that we stay connected to our students and stay informed about the technology that they are using on an every day basis.

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